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We're not your average loyalty and rewards company. We're Randgo. We enable South Africa's largest companies to attract, retain and engage their employees and customers in meaningful ways. We've been doing this for over 15 years and have established ourselves as an industry leader.

What We Do for Our Customers

We consult, conceptualise, create and deliver bespoke employee and customer loyalty and reward programmes that empower businesses to achieve their goals and overcome their challenges. Because we’re more than just a benefit provider, you get more than rewards and savings. You get meaningful, customisable end-to-end solutions that are agile enough to evolve and adapt to your unique needs and scalable enough to cater for all future states. Throughout the process of defining the right solution for your employees or customers, we invest time to understand what your challenges and gaps are and how our expertise and solutions can help you solve them.

Then real magic happens as we build and implement a truly customised solution for you, that will evolve as we embark on a partnership to deliver on your programme objectives. At this stage, when others handover and walk away, we step things up by offering full programme management, ongoing programme evolution, detailed programme analysis, programme and member support and so much more.

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