Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a loyalty, rewards or incentive programme?

I am looking to drive the right behaviours from my employees, can you help?

Yes. We have a marketing leading incentivisation and reward solution that enables you to drive specific behaviours and offer meaningful rewards.

What if I have a niche target market I want to reach?

Randgo offers a comprehensive set of benefits that allows us to create custom solutions that can strategically target any target market.

Do I need to know exactly what I want my programme to be?

No. It’s our job to work with you to extract the key information we need to build a solution that fits your business needs and budget.

How much do you charge to help me understand what my programme should entail?

We don’t charge. We understand the power of spending the time upfront to get things right. Our goal is to lay the correct foundations so we can succeed down the line.

What if I already have an existing programme in place?

We are equally happy and capable of enhancing, improving, or supporting your existing programme as we are to building a solution from scratch.

Do I have to use your rewards platform for my programme?

No. Randgo offers an omnichannel solution, meaning that we can deliver all of our solutions and content on your platform while still ensuring a seamless user experience.

Looking to partner with Randgo to get your products, brands or retail outlet's exposure and business?

Looking to partner with Randgo to drive traffic to your products, brands or retail outlets?

Randgo is always looking to partner with leading national brands and retailers that can offer exciting deals and opportunities to our various member segments. Our goal to create mutually beneficial partnerships that deliver value in both directions.

Do you have a large member base we can partner together on in order to drive utilisation of my product or service?

Yes. Randgo has a range of large member bases that are made up of different demographic and geographic mixes. We work with our partners to match the right partner with the right member so that relevance and value is high.

How much will you charge my business for access to your various bases?

We don’t! What we are looking for is partnerships where all stakeholders win, with amazing deals driving feet through your doors and adding value to our members and clients.

As a retailer, brand or product owner, how do I partner with Randgo?

You can email the partner acquisition and management team at and we will contact you to talk about a potential partnership and how we can create a win-win strategy.
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