Why and how you can Incentivise Beyond Your Sales Team

Why and how you can Incentivise Beyond Your Sales Team

Sales is an integral department of most organizations. Not only does a sales team often work on the frontline for a business serving as the company’s face, but they directly impact a business’s bottom line too, as their performance can directly increase revenue and create growth. This is why so many companies take the time to invest in incentivising their employees who work in sales. This is a tried and trusted business strategy.

Opportunity for employee incentive doesn’t begin and end with a company’s sales team, though. All employees should be provided with incentive to perform at their best for the good of the company. In this article we’ll run you through why and how you should be incentivising your company’s employees, far beyond your sales team.

Why should you incentivise your employees?

The importance of employee incentive, across departments, lies in its long-term business benefits. Businesses can motivate their employees to assist in achieving specific objectives by motivating them with rewards. In this way, an employee incentive program can play a role in your overall business strategy.

For example, if a company is trying to increase sales revenue by a certain percentage, commission work is one of the most common ways businesses incentivise their sales teams. By paying employees in relation to how many sales they make, sales teams are incentivised to make as many sales as possible, ultimately leading the company to increase its revenue.

The opportunities for incentive, across departments, should not be overlooked. Your employees outside of your sales team may not seem to impact your bottom line so directly, but when incentivised, do bring many other benefits to a company, which all contribute to its success in the long term. Here are some examples of what incentivised employees bring to the organisations they work for:

  • Increased productivity
  • A culture of high performance
  • High job satisfaction and employee retention rates
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Improved company morale

How can you incentivise your employees?

All businesses strive to achieve the above among their staff, but aren’t always sure where to begin. There are many approaches to building employee incentive, while all aim to achieve essentially the same thing: consistently recognising and rewarding employees for their hard work. By doing this, employers allow their employees to feel valued, and encourages them to repeat desirable behaviour and high levels of performance. Some ways of incentivising employees include:

  • Rewards and recognition
  • Employee benefits
  • Compensation
  • Gifts
  • Profit sharing

These days, it pays to think outside the box beyond the traditional, go-to ideas. And that’s where problem solvers like Randgo enter, with tailored employee solutions that are go far beyond simple compensation rewards.

The Randgo Solution

With Randgo, businesses are assisted in identifying opportunities for creating employee incentive across departments. Simultaneously, Randgo can offer your business meaningful sales solutions. Our offering is a multifaceted, holistic effort across your company towards achieving your unique objectives and overcoming your specific challenges. Randgo works to create an incentive program that will speak to all your employees most effectively. The more employees value the rewards you offer, the more impact your incentive program will have at your company.

The Randgo Process

Strategic Workshops

Our workshops will unlock key discussions around your business goals and what your current challenges and gaps are.

Propose a Solution

We’ll propose a customised solution that aligns to your business needs and is relevant to your employee base.

Conceptualise, Create and Implement

Based on your feedback we will refine the solution, create your custom programme and implement using the most effective channels.

Engage and Drive Utilisation

To ensure the programme succeeds we will leverage a multi-channel engagement strategy that creates awareness and encourages participation.

Are you hoping to reach specific goals as a team with effectiveness at your company? If you’re looking to incentivise your employees to achieve a vision for your company, learn more about how Randgo can make that happen for you.

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